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Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Design and Media Center Atrium

621 Huntington Ave

Boston, MA 02115

Exhibition Dates: January 23, 2017 - January 23, 2018

Based on the sensual, poetic moodiness of a rainstorm, while tapping into a visceral memory of the sound of rain on a copper roof, Rainfield allows me to continue my exploration of the landscape sited in interior spaces. In particular, Rainfield, as installed at Mass College of Art and Design’s new Design and Media Center, has prompted me to create a composition that at 60 feet long is composed of over 9,000 unique, hand formed glass raindrops. The installation is a direct reference to the architecture of the great European Cathedrals and a captured moment in a time of great visual wonder.


My original idea for the DMC had to be abandoned due to building code issues. As frequently happens to me, the idea for Rainfield came in a flash as I walked through a rainstorm in downtown Providence, RI. With a nod to Pointillism, I have set out to produce a visual statement where the thousands of elements combine to make a singular moment, prompting the viewer to embrace the beauty of the gathering storm.


Daniel Clayman

November 1, 2016

Glass, steel cable, aluminum

Dimensions: 59' x 44' x 22'6"


Special Thanks…


The raindrops for RAINFIELD were made primarily by the MassArt Glass Department as part of Structured Light, an interdisciplinary class. Because of the scale of the project, other glass studios kindly volunteered to help with raindrop production.


Participating studios include:

Ed Branson Glass, Ashfield, MA

Pean Doubulyu Glass, Providence, RI

Pittsburgh Glass Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Worcester Craft Center, Worcester, MA

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