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Grounds for Sculpture

Museum Building

80 Sculptors Way

Hamilton Township, NJ 08619

Exhibition Dates: May 7, 2017 - February 28, 2018

Glass, gold leaf, copper leaf, and silver leaf

Dimensions: 34" x 32" x 35"


While on a jobsite excavation, I observed large boulders being trucked away to make room for a new landscape design. I was struck with the thought that a mundane boulder could be reformatted into a magical object and reinserted into the landscape. For two years I approached the problem, working through visual solutions until finally revealing these extraordinary objects.

The gold, silver or copper leafed interiors serve to provide a strong visual definition to all the information taken from the original boulder. In addition, the gold and other precious metals transforms each boulder into a beautiful, special object, that when lit from sunlight creates a highly detailed reflective surface. When lit from within at night, it gives off a rich glow. It is an object from the landscape, of the landscape and to the landscape.

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