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Grounds for Sculpture

Museum Building

80 Sculptors Way

Hamilton Township, NJ 08619

Exhibition Dates: May 7, 2017 - February 28, 2018

Glass, steel cable, copper rivets

Dimensions: 44' x 37' x 26'


An interest in engineering, the behavior of light, and the memory of experience, all inform my work. Ideas come to me through daily reading, a quick glance up at the sky in the gloaming, and more formally through academic research on various subjects. Mining my memory for moments, with an end result being that each and every object, drawing, or print I make is an expression of how my mind’s eye views the world. A penchant for how all things are made, invented processes, and the act of labor, further inform the basis of my studio practice.


Working at a scale ranging from six inches to sixty feet, I employ technology from the simplest hand tool to the latest three-dimensional modeling and production techniques. Using glass as my primary sculptural material allows me to draw on a lifetime of experience, specifically my early years as a theater lighting designer. My current large-scale installations illustrate moments such as the sun setting or a downpour frozen in time.


Radiant Landscape has allowed me to bring the many aspects of my work together in one place. Three Volumes, perched on the mezzanine is the largest studio work to date, finished in late 2012. It is a transition piece leading to ever-larger observations of space and volume.


The suite of boulders, taken from real rocks, is an exploration of reformatting the mundane (one boulder) into an extraordinary object. The fabrication method of joining multiple parts to make the whole is akin to the large constructions on the main floor, each object made from a plethora of parts.


Daniel Clayman

April 2017

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